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3 Tips for Disovering Your Next (Career) Act

Most of the men and women whom I work with are struggling to understand which part of their work/life needs some tinkering in order to flow towards their realized, or sometimes unrealized, vision. The gold lies in the three gifts that I can help them uncover: clarity, influence and fortune. But the road to attain these elusive gifts can be painful and confusing. Here are some tips from some of my favorite confidants on how to unearth your next career act:   1) Expect the unexpected. Career Coach Shari Sambursky of Career-Esteem offers this wise advice to people on a vision quest: “Signs from the universe are all around you, they may come in the form of the promotion you were hoping for that didn’t [...]

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Join our #SuiteSpot Movement

I vividly recall the moment I vowed to myself that I would not settle until I found my “suite spot” that point of balance, unique to each and every one of us, when we realize the folly of trying to “have it all” and begin looking for the right mix of personal and career success. I was 30 years old, living in Manhattan, working at a job I once found fascinating but was now driving me crazy. I came home one night to my ‘table for one’ Manhattan studio apartment, slumped into my futon and wondered how my once bright-eyed exuberant self had turned into this sad, lonely, workaholic drudge. What went wrong? I had been faithfully following my carefully crafted career plan from the [...]

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How to Re-Wire Your Psychology Towards Risk Taking

Genuine and sustainable success demands courage, hustle, integrity and a willingness to learn from others. It requires you to step outside of your comfort zone almost every day and explore the possibilities of ‘what if?’.  These habits are often deliberate and intentional actions that do not just happen by default. They occur after you have taken the time to determine what specific measurable goal you want to achieve and what your strategy is to arrive at that place in time. Does all of this sound oh so familiar to you or does it sound like I am speaking to you in a foreign language? If you are hungry to learn more about this tantalizing topic, join us for tomorrow’s Katie Kelley Networks Leadership Academy class, [...]

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How to Discover Your Career Mojo & Rock Your World

 The million dollar question I am asked day in and day out in my business is:  Katie, how do I determine what my next steps should be career wise? And it is perfectly fitting because of the fact that this is the very question I have continually asked myself as I navigated three substantial career evolutions (psychotherapist to sales to general business coach to niched entrepreneurial expert).  And truth be told, I still pose this golden question to myself on a regular basis as I seek the best ongoing evolution for myself, my career, and my family.  The truth is that we all find ourselves, more often than we want to even admit to ourselves, in career ruts: What was once exhilirating, challenging, enriching, or [...]

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