The Conundrum of Leadership in the Information Age: Reflections from a Military Leader

Here is my abridged book interview with Lt. Col. (Ret.) Peter (Pete) L. Rooks, Director for Leadership, Franz Center for Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation at the University of Portland: “After 21and ½ years in the military and the past 5 years at University of Portland in academic, staff or a consulting role, I have learned that leadership is a journey not a destination. Leaders are like thermostats, they regulate the temperature in a room. The people in the room are thermometers. It is a leader’s responsibility to push people into an uncomfortable learning zone but they must only raise the temperature enough to a ‘tough love’ zone that translates into: “I know this is stretching your abilities, but you need to do it to grow."" [...]

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Executive Career Counsel from Scott Fenton, VP/CIO, River Wind Systems (An Intel Company)

One of the best ‘perks’ of my business is being warmly introduced to my clients and colleague’s all time favorite mentors and leadership role models. Anyone who knows me can quickly surmise that I am a leadership nut—I have an insatiable curiosity to understand what makes the best and the most influential leaders tick. In light of my forthcoming book, The “Suite” Spot, I have been collecting interviews with some of these men and women for the past few years. Today, I wanted to share some sage wisdom from one of these gentlemen, Scott Fenton, VP/CIO of River Wind Systems (An Intel Company). Thank you John Ragan for the introduction. Enjoy and let us know what you think about Scott’s counsel: On confidence: “I began [...]

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Want to Win Friends & Influence (Powerful) People? Start by Building Trust

Do you ever wonder what X factor or DNA sequence charming and powerful people embody that allow them to attract and directly impact very important people? These are the women and men who are able to build consensus, drive critical initiatives and in a nutshell get things d.o.n.e. throughout their lives. What is the crucial ingredient to their sustained success? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TRUST<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< It is true. Infinitely successful people are able to establish and build trust with those they surround themselves with AND they entrust those around them to support them in achieving their goals. How does one build trust? In two simple steps: Disclose and Seek Feedback. Rinse and Repeat. By consistently following this two step process, as proven by the Johari Window, you will build [...]

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How to Manage Your Underwhelming Boss

Do you have a boss who leaves you starving for more…direction, feedback, inspiration, vision, and the list goes on and on? Research show that the greatest determinant of whether one stays or quits their job is the centered on the quality of their relationship with their boss. But I often see more muted scenarios where my clients certainly don’t hate their boss, actually they really respect them in many regards, but are quenched for more…direction, feedback, inspiration…..and there just does not appear to be as deep a well as they’d hoped there be from their superior(s).  So, what’s an aspiring high flyer such as yourself supposed to do when faced with a boss who isn’t terrible enough to make you want to leave your job, [...]

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How Storytelling Just Changed My Life

Over the past few weeks I have addressed four remarkable audiences in Portland, Spokane, Boston and New Jersey.  The first opportunity was my most nerve wracking speaking experience to date. Rather than expounding from my areas of business expertise, I was asked by Melody Biringer, founder of Urban Campfire, to disclose how I overcame one of my largest personal challenges.  The exact assignment was: if you were leaving earth on a spaceship, what one lesson would you share before you departed?    After several iterations and lots of angst and sleepless nights over how deep I would go with this talk—I took the floor that night, lowered my mask and gave what was described as an incredibly raw, painfully honest and transformative talk about how [...]

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How to Create a Great Offense for Office Politicking

I was teaching at an educational conference in Spokane last week and I asked the audience how they best navigate office politics.  A woman in her 60’s raised her hand, stood and with a huge smile plastered across her face, she proudly proclaimed, “I found the solution to navigating office politics—I work from home!”  The crowd bellowed with laughter and likely a tinge of jealousy of her workplace arrangement.  The reality is tackling office politics and perhaps workplace or institutional sexism layered on top, is not often addressed in business courses or motivational books. And yet the topic and matter at hand continues to rear its head in old, new, big, even small companies everywhere. Office politics can be defined as the jockeying for limited [...]

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How to Unlock Your Own Mysteries & Embody Work-Life Blissfulness

“We live in a postmodern age when it’s pretty hard to come up with anything new, especially on a fundamental level… There’s always someone playing faster, louder, more distorted. So you can’t really go anywhere except into yourself. All that’s left is to figure out who you are….” -Tuck Andress, via Pitchfork by Ryan Dombal This quote hit me like a ton of bricks this weekend not only on a personal level but also as a development instructor who is immersed in the daily process of helping very intelligent and successful people ‘up their game’ throughout their lives. And the truth is, there is nothing wildly new or ‘emerging’ about how to continue to build a life that is chock full of clarity, influence and [...]

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Key Takeaways from Impact Leadership 21 Global Summit: Closing the Leadership Gap

Last week, I had the privilege of attending the Impact Leadership 21 Global Summit and Awards Conference at the New York Times Building in Manhattan.  This event was created by Janet Salazar, CEO and Founder of IMPACT Leadership 21.  I have listed the roster of esteemed speakers below my key takeaways.  If you are curious who shared a specific concept, just ask me and I will direct you to them:  There is a substantial in congruence between men who WANT to empower women and their awareness as to HOW to empower women at their work place. Women need to tap into who these men are and communicate to them how and when they need empowerment.  Organizations are going to have to shift dramatically to engage [...]

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My Interview with Amazon Executive Kelly Jo MacArthur

Happiest of summer days to you all.  There have been a whole lot of exciting developments with my business in the past few weeks. And, I cannot wait to share the updates with you all in a short while. In the meantime, I wanted to share with you some of my interview with Kelly Jo MacArthur, Intellectual Property Strategist at Amazon.com.  Take a read and let us know what you think. Enjoy! Katie: Kelly Jo, can you tell the readers about your particular philosophy for achieving success? Kelly Jo: My goal is to often get off the interstate and take the back roads in life. Even though I attended a large and renowned undergraduate school, went on to Harvard Law School and right into working [...]

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Heart Directed Leadership: My Interview with Chicagoan Magnes Welsh

One of the themes of my forthcoming book, Leading Ladies, is how women are changing business as usual. To highlight this theme, I can’t think of a better person to introduce you to, than Chicago’s own, Magnes Welsh. President of Magnes Communications, Magnes shared with me in this interview how she foresees the impending arrival of heart directed leadership. Enjoy and let us know what you think! Leading Lady Magnes Welsh, President of Magnes Communication, Chicago, Illinois: Katie: Magnes, can you tell the readers about your professional background? Magnes: I earned my undergraduate degree in journalism at what is now the University of Memphis and my M.B.A. at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. I worked in Public Relations for Federal Express and then was [...]

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