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What Mastin Kipp of #TheDailyLove Taught Me About Grace

Last week, I accepted a casual invitation from a friend to attend Mastin Kipp of The Daily Love’s book (Growing Into Grace) launch event in Portland. I had certainly heard mention of The Daily Love due to his recent segment on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, but I had never actually consumed his work nor read […]

How Storytelling Just Changed My Life

Over the past few weeks I have addressed four remarkable audiences in Portland, Spokane, Boston and New Jersey.  The first opportunity was my most nerve wracking speaking experience to date. Rather than expounding from my areas of business expertise, I was asked by Melody Biringer, founder of Urban Campfire, to disclose how I overcame one […]

How to Re-Wire Your Psychology Towards Risk Taking

Genuine and sustainable success demands courage, hustle, integrity and a willingness to learn from others. It requires you to step outside of your comfort zone almost every day and explore the possibilities of ‘what if?’.  These habits are often deliberate and intentional actions that do not just happen by default. They occur after you have […]

Fortune Is A Rich Inner Life: My Interview with ‘The Brain Whisperer” Kelly Howell

Writing Leading Ladies: A Guide to Clarity, Influence and Fortune has allowed me the chance to interview some of our countries greatest experts on women in business and women’s well being.  One of those women, is Kelly Howell, also known as “The Brain Whisperer”: Kelly Howell is the world’s leading innovator in the practical application […]

Managing Life’s Curve Balls: My Interview with NYC Exec. Recruiter Andrea M. Weetman

Happy Friday dear ones! Today’s blog is filled with so many gems from my former Boston College alumnus, Andrea; I can hardly wait to share it with you all.  What I love about Andrea is that she has tackled her role as a mother to twin girls with the same passion and tenacity as she […]