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What Mastin Kipp of #TheDailyLove Taught Me About Grace

Last week, I accepted a casual invitation from a friend to attend Mastin Kipp of The Daily Love’s book (Growing Into Grace) launch event in Portland. I had certainly heard mention of The Daily Love due to his recent segment on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday, but I had never actually consumed his work nor read his biography until a couple hours before the event.   Quick overview: A Hollywood music executive by 21 turned drug addict, who got sober then became a viral blogger living out of his ex-girlfriend’s parent’s pool house with a compelling message to tune into our Creator. Intriguing? Yes, but not exactly sure what I was needing from his messages but I was piqued!   Well let me tell you, Mastin [...]

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Leadership in the Public Sector: A #SuiteSpot Interview with CA Economic Dev’t Director Kelly Kline

On career evolution:   “I fall solidly in the middle of Generation X, and like many of my peers, I have been more affected by the grey ceiling than the glass ceiling. The grey ceiling refers to Baby Boomers who have yet to relinquish their posts and send the clear message, “this is our ground.” One of the fundamental questions I struggled with early on in my career was where could I find a place for my particular vision and drive. In my chosen field of local government there is low tolerance for risk, and because any new changes are subject to intensive public review, it can be a challenge to foster innovation, entrepreneurism, and creativity.”   On negotiation:   “The art of negotiating is [...]

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Why Intel Executive Doug Fisher Doesn’t Have an Office

I recently had the privilege of sitting down with Douglas Fisher, Vice President and General Manager of Software and Services Group at Intel to interview him for my forthcoming book, The Suite Spot. Here is an abridged version of that conversation: On confidence: “I like the scene in the Tom Cruise NASCAR movie, Days of Thunder, where he is driving though a fire-filled tunnel. He learns to keep his pedal down and keep driving forward, because eventually the fire will pass and he’ll come out the other end a victor. This takes a certain kind of confidence and is relevant for working in the fast moving technology sector. For me, working in technology, if you wait for all the data to make a decision you [...]

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How Tech Visionary Michael Morris Found His #SuiteSpot

Ever wonder what makes a true visionary tick? I do and I know I am not alone. That is precisely why I interviewed fellow Boston College Eagle, Michael Morris, General Manager of TopCoder, who is hands down one of the most driven and visionary leaders I know. Take a listen to part of my interview with him for my forthcoming book, The Suite Spot: On Career Path + Vision: "Whether it was tinkering with my brother’s Basic computer at age 6, or developing software that had a significant impact on people’s lives while at Boston College, I always knew technology was the future and specifically my future. I have never desired to do anything else. In 2000, the high technology industry was king: I became [...]

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Executive Career Counsel from Scott Fenton, VP/CIO, River Wind Systems (An Intel Company)

One of the best ‘perks’ of my business is being warmly introduced to my clients and colleague’s all time favorite mentors and leadership role models. Anyone who knows me can quickly surmise that I am a leadership nut—I have an insatiable curiosity to understand what makes the best and the most influential leaders tick. In light of my forthcoming book, The “Suite” Spot, I have been collecting interviews with some of these men and women for the past few years. Today, I wanted to share some sage wisdom from one of these gentlemen, Scott Fenton, VP/CIO of River Wind Systems (An Intel Company). Thank you John Ragan for the introduction. Enjoy and let us know what you think about Scott’s counsel: On confidence: “I began [...]

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