PR RELEASE: Executive Career Coach And Speaker Launches Book On Career Courage

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Author: Katie C. Kelley Books Name: Career Courage Literary Agent: Michael Snell Agency Editor: Ellen Kadin Publisher: American Management Association, New York Website: www.careercouragebook.com   Executive Career Coach And Speaker Launches Book On Career Courage   Successful executive coach and speaker Katie C. Kelley has released a book focused around 'Career Courage'. Providing executive coaching, the book walks readers through the vital process of analyzing their motivations and taking stock of strengths to muster the courage to take the next step in their career.   Including inspiring stories of people who hit critical junctures and broke through fears and limitations to make a change, Career Courage offers guideposts for finding your true calling and improving your ability to take risks, build [...]

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The Why & The How of My Recent Career Pivot

Two months ago I accepted a freshly minted role at Fuerst Group (KEEN Footwear, Chrome Industries and other entities) as their People + Culture Development Director. Today, I wanted to share with you why and how I made this substantial career pivot in response to a flurry of inquiries around how this move came about.   But before I begin, I will continue to thank EACH OF YOU (picture on the left highlights some of those very special people) for your awe-inspiring support and cheer-leading throughout the past six years. Your sponsorship, endorsements and engagement have made my entrepreneurial years with Katie Kelley Networks fundamentally possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you.   The Why   First, a quick run-down of my career journey by [...]

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A Note to my Daughters on Chasing down a Dream at #40

Dear Girls: In honor of turning the big #40, I wanted to impart some wisdom to you that I more humbly understand today about chasing down a juicy pie in the sky vision. As you may have observed, your momma’s one of the ‘crazy dreamers’ as Steve Jobs so aptly quipped. I shoot for the stars almost every day and dream vividly about the future and ways that I can have the greatest impact on our world. But man do I get tripped up on the wrong path some days, or one too many bright, shiny objects—so I wanted to pull together some of the most tried and true rules I try to stick by on some of my better days: Family First Make no [...]

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How NBA Ref Joe Crawford Found His #SuiteSpot

I have had the privilege of knowing 'Joey Crawford', one of the NBA's most recognizable and (mostly) beloved refs ever since he moved his daughter, Amy into our freshman dorm at Boston College over twenty years ago.  Attending NBA games where he is reffing is always a 'theatrical experience' as surrounding fans are never lacking in an opinion on Joe's calls.  Upon watching him ref a recent game in Portland in the Playoff Season, I realized he would be a perfect leader to profile in my forthcoming book, The Suite Spot. When I spoke with Joe he was preparing to fly to New Mexico to receive the highest referee award—the 2014 Gold Whistle Award. This award is given to one referee a year based on [...]

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Want to Super Charge Your 2014? Check This Out:

I have always been the type of person who lives in the ‘tomorrow’ (what’s next, how can I position myself for my next best thing…) versus the ‘yesterday’ (coulda, woulda, shoulda mentality). As a result, I started thinking this weekend about where I have netted out so far with my 2014 resolutions, goals, dreams (or whatever you call your aspirations for business and life beyond the office) and I thought it would be helpful to collectively evaluate where we all stand as we look ahead to the remaining half of 2014 over the next month or so. Care to join me? Just like any diet, or desire for a shift in our inputs and outputs throughout our lives—the best way to really make a calculated [...]

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5 Ways I Set Up My Clients for Brilliant Success

There can be a lot of mystery and false assumptions about the value that coaches offer to their clients. I myself have had both an under and overwhelming experience when employing coaches to help pull me through big growth spurts professionally and personally. The most underwhelming experience consisted of a full hour of a coach asking me, “What do you think, Katie?”.  Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate the fact that there is a time and a place in a true coaching setting for the client to uncover their own answers through the process of inquiry.  However, I find that when the majority of people who at least engage me as their coach and consultant, they are typically quenched for direct feedback and direction. [...]

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What Women Most Want From Their Work: Flexibility & Intrinsic Satisfaction

In Nick Kristof’s article, She's (Rarely) the Boss, New York Times this past weekend, as well as New York Magazine's, "Want More Women in Leadership? Help New Moms" by Stella Bugbee an overriding consensus is being drawn: 1) The research reflects and most agree that having more women in leadership and senior level roles is good for business and well overdue societally. 2) That doesn’t mean that all women are driven to be CEO’s—meaning we need to stop polarizing our role models so that they aren’t just the approximate 15% of women who are currently holding C-level or board positions. 3) More importantly, in order to create an even playing field, structural and community changes must be made so that young moms and parents, of [...]

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The Top 10 Challenges for Female Business Leaders: My Interview with Evolutionary Carmen Voilleque

  Every time I get the chance to hear Carmen Voilleque speak, she says something that makes the hair on my arms stand straight up. It is no coincidence that she and her business partner, Randy Harrington, co-wrote the book Evolutionaries. To me, Carmen is my most evolutionary friend. Her mind functions on such a meta level and yet, her commentary and observations are always beautifully succinct while also deeply profound.  Carmen and I became fast friends due to our deep love of supporting and developing women leaders.  I was lucky enough to be able to interview her for my book, Road Rules for Leading Ladies. I can’t wait to share her laundry list of the top 10 challenges that she says women must overcome [...]

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