What People are saying about Katie’s work:

cs1“Katie Kelley’s seminar for our New York City Office was highly anticipated and very warmly received.  Upon learning about the content of her curriculum, I made sure that not only I could attend but also all of the women on my team.  Katie fundamentally tackles an area of leadership development that is often glossed over and not properly taught–how to establish influence within and beyond your organization.  She offers tremendous value to organizations that are looking for inspirational speakers to engage and truly develop their high potential leaders. She is a delight!”

-Julie Tucker Rollauer, Head of Industry, Consumer Product Goods, Google, NYC

cs2“Ms. Kelley presented an influencing workshop to our Career Development Candidates this past spring which helped us evaluate where and how we can all continue to bolster our leadership capabilities both inside and outside of our organization.  I was struck by her ability to connect and meaningfully engage with a wide range of management candidates from all over the country.  She is exceptional at what she does.”

-John Minardo, Head Legal, Region North America, Novartis Vaccines

cs3“Ms. Kelley was our guest speaker for our kick-off event at the 2013 IMPACT Leadership 21 Global Summit in New York City.  She presented a very thoughtful, organized and dynamic presentation for our emerging leaders, resulting in a highly engaged audience. Katie accentuated her presentation with insightful anecdotes and personal examples of how she and her peers and mentors have evolved as business leaders. Katie is a shining example for young and mature leaders who want it all and she shares her best kept secrets for making it all happen.”

-Constance J. Peak, Co-Founder, IMPACT Leadership 21, NYC

cs4“Katie Kelley dazzled at Meeting Planners International’s 2014 Oregon and Washington Annual Conference. Her workshop, “10 Critical Questions for Today’s Leaders” was one of the most popular and well received of all of the presentations that we offered this year. Over 70 men and women wrestled with Katie’s unique exercises in our journey to become even more effective and inspired business leaders.  Her high energy and thought provoking presentation set her far apart from her peers. I can’t wait to hear her speak again!”

-Briana Hoffman, Sales Manager, The Davenport Hotel Collection, Spokane, WA


pc1“I cannot say enough good things about hiring Katie Kelley, ‘the ultimate coach’. Whenever I had a need, she was there for me. She helped me with balancing my time, finding additional resources needed to grow my unique business, and when I hit a road block helped me to discover ways to bust through. She also understands what it’s like to be a business owner and the pressures we face, the decisions we have to make, and the desire for greatness. I am extremely happy that I have Katie in my life and I recommend her to anyone looking to get their business to the next level and beyond!

 -Steve Weiss, Hurricane Marketing Enterprises

pc2“Katie’s sharp business focus and excellent listening skills combine to create a coaching experience that is truly results driven. Katie knows exactly how to bring the right piece of information to the table at the right time and always does it with pizazz! Katie is the perfect blend of East Coast no-nonsense and West Coast feel good to get things moving in the right direction”

-Darlene Anderson, Entrepreneur

pc3“Katie is a great listener who is able to provide wise counsel with empathy and humor. Everybody needs a co-pilot to help their dreams achieve liftoff. So if you are serious about taking yours to the next level, I strongly recommend you consider her services. They are worth their weight in gold”

-Rick Petry, Freelance Writer


pc4“Katie Kelley exudes brilliance, integrity, and capability. Katie’s learned and intuitive approach to coaching, places her well above many of her peers. She is an expert communicator who is able to cut through to the precise answers needed to move a client forward. Working with Katie – in any capacity – is delightful!”

-Diana Page Jordan, Multi-Media Entrepreneur


pc5“Katie captures your attention with a unique combination of confidence and warmth. As a coach, she’s a true motivator, honest and unafraid of the hard questions. I consider her an inspiration in my life.

-Lindsay Kandra, Attorney, Board of Directors, Portland Society