How Behaving Strategically is like an Annoying Diet

//How Behaving Strategically is like an Annoying Diet

How Behaving Strategically is like an Annoying Diet

thHere’s what comes to mind when I think about behaving in an even more strategic manner than I do today:

Slowing down

Delaying gratification

Digging deep

Applying measured, sometimes mechanical and inorganic practices

Forcing myself to seed for long term growth

Behaving in a counter-intuitive manner

Taking the road less traveled

Assess objectively what may have felt good and satisfying and even intoxicating


Don’t some of these attributes sound like being on a really annoying diet?

As I evolve in my own career, I find that pushing myself to think, plan and behave in a strategic manner can feel much like putting myself on a diet that I really don’t want to stick to.  You see the opposite of practicing strategy in my business and my life is to simply do what feels good, easier and much more natural and organic.  Allowing myself to ‘go with the flow’ of whatever shiny object has landed itself in my path on any given day can even appear to be smart and downright clever.  They are opportunities aren’t they? And we go getters, pleasers and over achievers sure love to check an item off our to-do list and collect an easy win when so much around us can feel so far away.

But here’s the rub with doing whatever is easiest, obvious and most comfortable—it’s what everyone else around you is doing as well.  And this is not the kind of practice that is going to elevate your game, help you break out from the pack and truly excel so that you reach those audacious goals you set on 1/1/14. 

Trust me on this one.

As a coach working with many management professionals, one of the core lessons I help my clients with is shifting from their comfortable tactical orientation and moving into a steady diet of thinking, planning and behaving in a strategic manner. Together we fight gravity, because being a ‘task master’ is an enormous piece of our success puzzle, up to this point in time. We are set in our ways and have a difficult time, entrusting work to others and taking the time to shift our often unconscious and deeply ingrained daily practices.

If these thoughts sound oh so familiar to you, join us tomorrow (or later on recording) for:

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We will dive deep into how you can make that shift to behaving in a strategic manner that will feel so good because you will start hitting your goals in no time. Promise!

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