How to Create a Great Offense for Office Politicking

//How to Create a Great Offense for Office Politicking

How to Create a Great Offense for Office Politicking

Joan-Holloway-Out-of-Town-3-01-joan-holloway-23489388-790-535I was teaching at an educational conference in Spokane last week and I asked the audience how they best navigate office politics.  A woman in her 60’s raised her hand, stood and with a huge smile plastered across her face, she proudly proclaimed, “I found the solution to navigating office politics—I work from home!”  The crowd bellowed with laughter and likely a tinge of jealousy of her workplace arrangement. 

The reality is tackling office politics and perhaps workplace or institutional sexism layered on top, is not often addressed in business courses or motivational books. And yet the topic and matter at hand continues to rear its head in old, new, big, even small companies everywhere.

Office politics can be defined as the jockeying for limited resources, power and opportunities within an organization.   Today’s Katie Kelley Networks Leadership Academy Course, “How to Navigate Office Politics” addresses these three fundamental questions:

  • Are my eyes on my actual prize?
  • Do I have a strategy for navigating office politics?
  • How do I ensure that I am staying on the top of my business game while also honoring my ethics?

While writing my forthcoming book, I reached out to two of our countries leading experts on the topic of office politics and was fortunate to be granted interviews with them for the book and today’s class.  Those experts are:

Dr. Kathleen Kelley Reardon is a Management and Organization Professor at the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business, Author, Artist and Huffington Post Blogger.

Dr. Lois Frankel is a Bestselling author, Executive Coach and an Internationally-Recognized Expert in the field of leadership development for women.

I invite you to join us for today’s class (either live or later on recording) if you:

  • Are at a loss for how to manage a workplace bully or boss who seems to always sabotage your initiatives, projects, etc.
  • Are always getting the short end of the stick when it comes to promotions, merit, resources, access to clients, etc
  • Don’t have a plan for how to get ahead in your organization or if you don’t believe the power lies within you to make any substantial impact within the constraints of your companies politics

Freebie teaser tip: Remain crystal clear on your ‘prize’; meaning, be completely conscious of where you want to land long term in your career/business and what it is going to take to attain those goals. This means addressing head on even the ‘murky’ contextual factors that make up your company’s culture and naming it, rather than allowing it to hold you hostage.

If this tip resonated with you—then you should probably partake in this class. We will talk to you on the other end. And happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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