How to Discover Your Career Mojo & Rock Your World

//How to Discover Your Career Mojo & Rock Your World

How to Discover Your Career Mojo & Rock Your World


 The million dollar question I am asked day in and day out in my business is:

 Katie, how do I determine what my next steps should be career wise?

And it is perfectly fitting because of the fact that this is the very question I have continually asked myself as I navigated three substantial career evolutions (psychotherapist to sales to general business coach to niched entrepreneurial expert).  And truth be told, I still pose this golden question to myself on a regular basis as I seek the best ongoing evolution for myself, my career, and my family. 

The truth is that we all find ourselves, more often than we want to even admit to ourselves, in career ruts:

What was once exhilirating, challenging, enriching, or perhaps even terrifying (in an exciting way)–eventually becomes worse than routine or comfortable, it becomes so very booooooooring; downright soul killing, in fact!

Sound a teensy bit familiar friends? Fret no more, we’ve got you’ve covered!

Last week, we dug into the first of Katie Kelley Networks Leadership Academy’s fourteen classes with, “How to Determine What’s Best for Your Soul” (available for purchase now for $29.00).  Some may be thinking to themselves, what does my soul have to do with my career?  Well, if you, like all of us, are seeking a path to live your best self possessed life; rich with clarity, influence and fortune, then looking into your soul’s desires is in fact ground zero.  Here’s what we dug into last week:

During our next class, (buy here) we will build on what we uncovered in this first class and begin to collect information to guide us towards what our next best steps could be career wise, so that you can discover your career mojo and rock your world. We are waiting for you!

The road to this golden gift will involve this model I designed to help my community move from paralysis/confusion/overwhelm to taking small incremental steps towards their next best career evolution:

  So, are you in? 

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