How to Unlock Your Own Mysteries & Embody Work-Life Blissfulness

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How to Unlock Your Own Mysteries & Embody Work-Life Blissfulness


“We live in a postmodern age when it’s pretty hard to come up with anything new, especially on a fundamental level… There’s always someone playing faster, louder, more distorted. So you can’t really go anywhere except into yourself. All that’s left is to figure out who you are….” -Tuck Andress, via Pitchfork by Ryan Dombal

This quote hit me like a ton of bricks this weekend not only on a personal level but also as a development instructor who is immersed in the daily process of helping very intelligent and successful people ‘up their game’ throughout their lives. And the truth is, there is nothing wildly new or ‘emerging’ about how to continue to build a life that is chock full of clarity, influence and fortune that hasn’t already been said before. 

The true challenge for us all in integrating ‘best practices’ whether we are discussing how to become a more skilled salesperson or someone who needs to empower those around them in a more consistent way—is to begin by unlocking our own great mysteries:

·Your ability to trust and love yourself and others

·Your capacity to put your best foot forward each day

·A willingness to practice humility, compassion and forgiveness

Tomorrow’s Katie Kelley Networks Leadership Academy class, “How to Strike Your Work Life Balance” dives into how revealing your own answers to these great mysteries are directly connected to your ability to embody a work-life blissfulness.  As this prophetic quote above states, our greatest quest is an inward journey where our singular complexities and battles are being negotiated and re-assigned every day. 

Tomorrow’s $29 class, which as always is available later on recording, tackles how remaining in a tactical stance becomes a huge liability as you move into a senior leadership role.  This matter can apply to how you are appropriately divvying up your work at the office and at home or beyond.  We will talk about how you can begin to practice new ways of behaving when it comes to delegating, letting go and asking for help. 

We will dive into these specific questions:

·  Are you unconsciously trying to be all things to all people?

·  Do your actions reflect the belief that there is only one way to get things done and that no one is to be fully trusted?

·Do you approach your business and your family management with a team approach?

Join us? Register here now: How to Strike Your Work-Life Balance.  Talk to you then!

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