instaquote-_tempI vividly recall the moment I vowed to myself that I would not settle until I found my “suite spot” that point of balance, unique to each and every one of us, when we realize the folly of trying to “have it all” and begin looking for the right mix of personal and career success. I was 30 years old, living in Manhattan, working at a job I once found fascinating but was now driving me crazy. I came home one night to my ‘table for one’ Manhattan studio apartment, slumped into my futon and wondered how my once bright-eyed exuberant self had turned into this sad, lonely, workaholic drudge.
What went wrong? I had been faithfully following my carefully crafted career plan from the age of 16, when I decided I would become a certified psychotherapist running my own family practice in Manhattan. Really. But here I sat in my chair, far from my California home, a fully certified, post Smith College Masters Degree young professional with three years of hard won experience working on the locked psychiatric ward of the Cornell Weill New York Presbyterian Hospital, feeling as if I were strapped in a straightjacket myself. The conventional practice of psychotherapy was not letting me express my true self. I wanted to rip off the straightjacket and follow my heart to more fulfilling work and a happier home life, to my “suite spot.” If I could do that, then perhaps I could help other ambitious young people who had worked their tails off getting to the land of their dreams, only to wake up one day wondering, “Is this all there is?”
What do you do when you achieve your career dream at age 30, or any age for that matter, and wonder, “Why am I so unhappy?” In my case, I decided to jump out of my rut and set out in a fresh direction. Fast forward to 2014. I did eventually discover my “suite spot”, and I now reap daily joy not only from my work at KKN and my life beyond the office but also with my family.
Now, I want to share with you the lessons I have learned on my own journey from overworked, overstressed, hyper-driven, unhappy, unfulfilled and, ultimately, unsuccessful drone to a professional in love with her work and her life. These lessons came from continually putting myself through three key career phases: Explore, Develop, Practice. This ongoing process enabled me to achieve the clarity, influence and fortune I craved. With it I ultimately shed my straightjacket and created my #SuiteSpot .

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