Key Takeaways from Impact Leadership 21 Global Summit: Closing the Leadership Gap

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Key Takeaways from Impact Leadership 21 Global Summit: Closing the Leadership Gap


Last week, I had the privilege of attending the Impact Leadership 21 Global Summit and Awards Conference at the New York Times Building in Manhattan.  This event was created by Janet Salazar, CEO and Founder of IMPACT Leadership 21.  I have listed the roster of esteemed speakers below my key takeaways.  If you are curious who shared a specific concept, just ask me and I will direct you to them:

  •  There is a substantial in congruence between men who WANT to empower women and their awareness as to HOW to empower women at their work place. Women need to tap into who these men are and communicate to them how and when they need empowerment.
  •  Organizations are going to have to shift dramatically to engage and retain employees in light of the massive shift in values of men and women who desire greater work/life harmony.
  •  We must recognize and fully understand the implicit and explicit biases of organizations, in order to fully tackle diversity initiatives.  For example, understanding that a 6 foot, Ivy League white male Caucasian will likely always be deemed ‘management material’ vs. his 5 foot, male Caucasian small town college graduate.
  •  Women are over mentored and under sponsored.
  •  Hiring organizations evaluate men by their potential, but evaluate women on what they have done historically.
  •   Gender balanced leadership results in greater innovation, problem solving and peacekeeping.
  •  The #1 challenge for women in the workplace is that they do not feel valued.
  •   If you want to take action on the fact that women are grossly under-represented on boards, start boycotting the companies that are not actively working to close their gender leadership gap!
  •   Women are much more likely to fall into the ‘loyalty trap’ at their organizations and stay much longer than their male counterparts, even when they sense that it’s not the best fit for them. The reason they say they stay? They believe they can change a culture that is toxic.
  •  The fight for modernity is actually the fight against tradition, which is patriarchy.  Tradition is negotiable!
  •  We are in a new world with many old minds. Our job as leaders is to bring those around us to these new ways of thinking.
  •  Because women bear life, they know how to enroll men in inspired engagements.
  •  A common phenomenon: Bold ideas without bold requests. Make sure you are not talking yourself out of bringing your unique ideas to the table.
  •  Closing the gender gap globally is the responsibility of corporations, not the government.


Keynote Address:  Alyse Nelson,  CEO and President,  Vital Voices Global Partnerships 

(Founded in 1997 by then First Lady Hillary Clinton and Secretary of State Madeline Albright, Vital Voices is one of the most prominent and successful global organizations making positive changes globally)


Panel Discussion “The Global Leadership Gap:  How Women Can Rise Up To The Challenge” 



Denise Evans, Vice President, Market Development, IBM Corporation Michaela Walsh, Founding President, Women’s World Banking; Author, Founding A Movement

Kay Koplovitz, Founder, USA Networks, Chairman and CEO, Koplovitz & Company, Chairman and Co-founder, Springboard Enterprises 

Adele Gulfo, Regional President, Latin America, Pfizer 

Justine Metz, Marketing and Sales Support Executive for Global Wealth & Investment Management (GWIM), Bank of America.  

Moderated by:

Gloria Feldt, Co-Founder, Take the Lead, Former President/CEO, Planned Parenthood International  

High IMPACT Success Story:  How A Japanese Global Bank Tripled Its Number of Women Directors, Achieved Breakthrough Revenue and Overall Business Growth
A high-powered conversation about transformational collaboration in leadership featuring Liz Lyman, Managing Director and Head of Corporate Communications and CSR, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ and Anthony “Tony” Marino, Chief Human Resources Officer and General Manager, Global HR Office, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ.  Moderated by Janet C. Salazar, CEO and Founder, IMPACT Leadership 21 
“Conversations with Men: The Language of Leadership, Equality and Partnership” 
 (Learn The Language.  Shape It.  Advance Women.  Transform Societies)

Moderated and Led by Barbara Annis, World-renowned expert on Gender Intelligence, Author, “Same Words, Different Language”, Chair Emeritus, Women’s Leadership Board at the Harvard Kennedy School, Author,  “Work With Me:  The 8 Blind Spots Between Men and Women In Business”  (With John Gray) 

Dr. Roland Rich, Head, United Nations Office for Partnerships, Executive Head,   United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF)    
Ron Glover, Vice-President for Diversity and Workforce Programs, Human Resources, IBM  
Douglas Simon, President & CEO, D.S. Simon Productions, Inc.
Dr. John P. Fernandez, President ARMC Global 

John Gerzema, Author, “The Athena Doctrine” 

The  First IMPACT Leadership 21 Frederick Douglass Award      
Honoring Men Who Are Champions For Women’s Advancement
Ambassador Anwarul K. Chowdhury, Former UN Under-Secretary General and High Representative of the United Nations, Father of UN Resolution 1325




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