IMG_20141020_160349Last week, I accepted a casual invitation from a friend to attend Mastin Kipp of The Daily Love’s book (Growing Into Grace) launch event in Portland. I had certainly heard mention of The Daily Love due to his recent segment on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, but I had never actually consumed his work nor read his biography until a couple hours before the event.


Quick overview: A Hollywood music executive by 21 turned drug addict, who got sober then became a viral blogger living out of his ex-girlfriend’s parent’s pool house with a compelling message to tune into our Creator. Intriguing? Yes, but not exactly sure what I was needing from his messages but I was piqued!

Well let me tell you, Mastin knocked my socks off! This guy is outstanding! He organized the evening in a workshop format kicking off with concert level speakers blasting Katy Perry’s “Roar” and mandatory high fives, handshakes and massages for our neighbors (and vice versa). And then the work began. Here were some of my top takeaways (as evidenced by what I could capture on Twitter (that’s me!) that night):
To change your behavior (which is his proclaimed specialty) you have to do 5 things:

1. Get your Brain Working for You
(Clue: Feed it what it uniquely needs so that you are maximizing your efficacy every day)


2. Feel Your Feelings-stop betraying yourself via your decisions
(Clue: Too many of us are walking around with unexpressed feelings that are stunting us developmentally, creatively, emotionally. He led us through a Kundalini Yoga exercise to help up unblock our emotions and I have to admit, it worked!)


3. Forgive and Discover the Grace
(Clue: Your life is waiting for you to move forward despite what has happened. “What you are going through has meaning because answering the right questions will lead us to GRACE.”)



4. Ask Better Questions
(Clue: No matter what has happened to you in life, try to ask better questions about how to help others avoid what transgressions you have experienced and work to help your community become stronger because of what you have gone through. Stunning examples: Malala Yousafzai, Victor Frankel.)


5. Implement
(Clue: Take action to change what you can, support those in your path and harvest the good!)


I thank my friend Janine Francolini of Flawless Foundation for getting me to this event and to Mastin Kipp for his good work in our world. To learn more about Mastin’s work, go to The Daily Love.
Thank you Mastin for setting me on fire!!!