My Secret Formula for Flourishing at Work and Beyond

//My Secret Formula for Flourishing at Work and Beyond

My Secret Formula for Flourishing at Work and Beyond


What Is Essential To You

+ What You Long For


What You Must Have to Truly Flourish

There is never a time in your life where you can’t REBOOT or BEGIN AGAIN in re-creating your career and life vision.  Particularly for those of us who have reached an unexpected ‘fork in the road’ –and who hasn’t? Where life has either hit an impasse or perhaps a re-birth (a happy/desired divorce, kids left the house, retirement, unemployment, etc.)—your life is tapping you on the shoulder and letting you know, you are way over due for an upgrade, a pivot, or whatever sort of seismic shift you believe in your soul you are ready to make.

 I strongly recommend giving yourself the time and space that you need to dream up your next freshest vision of what your life is capable of evolving to next.  What I mean by this is in order to ‘harvest our own bounties’—you need to give yourself a burst of creative rejuvenation.  And the richest source of this ‘truth’ is found in the depths of our soul.  Only you know best what will be the best vehicle for yourself. For some, leaning in to Julia Cameron’s ‘The Artists Way’ teachings will be the way to go. I found the early morning ‘free writing’ practice very helpful at various parts of my ‘noisy and overwhelming’ life junctures. The key is to tap into whatever outlet works for you.

You see, I am asking you to go much deeper than the external forces that are in your life right now and dive into what your innermost self is telling you.


What does your self desire?


How in tune are you with your soul? Whose voices and what images or pre-conceived notions must you silent or turn down so that you can tune into just that one self?


Visioning is a muscle that must be conditioned and practiced just like any new skill. 

How can you begin practicing visioning today? 

When we don’t have a vision for our career or our personal life—life can begin to feel very vague and happenstance.  How can you know what you need to accomplish today, in a month or six months from now if you aren’t working toward an overall goal? 

Here’s a reflection from a woman who attended one of my business building seminars years ago sharing how she shifted from the role of a brand manager at Nike to starting her own food service business:

“It wasn’t so much an `aha’ moment–the decision to trade my glamorous, high salaried, secure job at Nike for hours of working on my feet, the aching back and the calloused hands that are an everyday part of food service.  It happened in baby steps.  First it was the burnout.  I wasn’t doing what I was meant to be doing at that time in my life because I was no longer good at it, no longer loved it, and had no energy for it.  My identity had been based on my career in footwear for my entire adult life, but it had become toxic for me.  My plan was to make a career change.  It was the loved ones who know me best that convinced me it was time to pursue my outlandish dream to cook for people.  Once I started doing that, the world opened up.  I was creative in ways I never dreamt.  Of course success followed, and more dreams took shape.  I found myself again. For me, it’s always about finding my calling for the stage of life that I’m in.  I can’t wait for the next one.”

Teri Hull, Personal Chef and Holistic Health Coach at Chef Teri, Portsmouth, New Hampshire


Teri went from working on the Jordan brand to now being a personal chef and holistic health coach, helping people turn their lives around through the healing power of food. How’s that for inspiration? I meet women like Teri everyday.  This can happen to your life as well.

What I loved about Teri’s story as well as my own journey from practicing psychotherapy to sales to leadership coaching, is that most of us are not actually able to formulate a crystal clear image of our long term vision.  What is more common is the identification and willingness to surrender to the emotions that we will no longer tolerate in our lives, thus pushing us to start again, elsewhere.

Intentional, Conscious Thinking & Living Begins Today

You can begin to take tiny steps everyday that will have a massive impact in under a week. This does not have to mean miracle making—it’s living and working with planned intent. And it works. Trust me.

Tell me, what will your first step be today in planning for your tomorrow?

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