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3 Tips for Disovering Your Next (Career) Act

Most of the men and women whom I work with are struggling to understand which part of their work/life needs some tinkering in order to flow towards their realized, or sometimes unrealized, vision. The gold lies in the three gifts that I can help them uncover: clarity, influence and fortune. But the road to attain these elusive gifts can be painful and confusing. Here are some tips from some of my favorite confidants on how to unearth your next career act:   1) Expect the unexpected. Career Coach Shari Sambursky of Career-Esteem offers this wise advice to people on a vision quest: “Signs from the universe are all around you, they may come in the form of the promotion you were hoping for that didn’t [...]

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How to Fall Deeply in Love with Your Career

Have you recently resolved to uncover more of a love affair with your day to day existence? Do you ever find yourself daydreaming about what it would be like to leap out of bed because you are so pumped up  to start your work day? While you are suffering from a touch of Groundhog Day, you imagine that those ‘passionistas’ that you sometimes observe must leap from one fabulous experience to the next throughout their joyous filled professional existence…. My friends, if you can relate at all to these three scenarios, I am here today to tell you—I have cracked the ‘love of career code’ and I am here to walk you through your own decoding process. You see, the existence I am referring to [...]

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10 Classic Indicators that It Might Be Time to Leave Your Job

 A cherished colleague of mine, Bruce Hazen, has recently completed a brilliant book, Answering The Three Career Questions: Your Lifetime Career Management System which I am honored to share an excerpt from today.  My kindred spirited friend Bruce and I both were professionally raised within the confines of the Cornell University community back in New York and both are recovering therapists turned management consultants now living in Portland.  I love the process that Bruce has developed over his career to aid in his client’s process of determining the answer to three crucial career questions:   When is it time to move up in work that you want to sustain? (Moving up means    progressing, not necessarily getting a “promotion”.) When is it time to move out [...]

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My Secret Formula for Flourishing at Work and Beyond

What Is Essential To You + What You Long For __________________________________ What You Must Have to Truly Flourish There is never a time in your life where you can’t REBOOT or BEGIN AGAIN in re-creating your career and life vision.  Particularly for those of us who have reached an unexpected ‘fork in the road’ --and who hasn’t? Where life has either hit an impasse or perhaps a re-birth (a happy/desired divorce, kids left the house, retirement, unemployment, etc.)—your life is tapping you on the shoulder and letting you know, you are way over due for an upgrade, a pivot, or whatever sort of seismic shift you believe in your soul you are ready to make.  I strongly recommend giving yourself the time and space that [...]

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