The Conundrum of Leadership in the Information Age: Reflections from a Military Leader

Here is my abridged book interview with Lt. Col. (Ret.) Peter (Pete) L. Rooks, Director for Leadership, Franz Center for Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation at the University of Portland: “After 21and ½ years in the military and the past 5 years at University of Portland in academic, staff or a consulting role, I have learned that leadership is a journey not a destination. Leaders are like thermostats, they regulate the temperature in a room. The people in the room are thermometers. It is a leader’s responsibility to push people into an uncomfortable learning zone but they must only raise the temperature enough to a ‘tough love’ zone that translates into: “I know this is stretching your abilities, but you need to do it to grow."" [...]

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Leadership in the Public Sector: A #SuiteSpot Interview with CA Economic Dev’t Director Kelly Kline

On career evolution:   “I fall solidly in the middle of Generation X, and like many of my peers, I have been more affected by the grey ceiling than the glass ceiling. The grey ceiling refers to Baby Boomers who have yet to relinquish their posts and send the clear message, “this is our ground.” One of the fundamental questions I struggled with early on in my career was where could I find a place for my particular vision and drive. In my chosen field of local government there is low tolerance for risk, and because any new changes are subject to intensive public review, it can be a challenge to foster innovation, entrepreneurism, and creativity.”   On negotiation:   “The art of negotiating is [...]

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Why Intel Executive Doug Fisher Doesn’t Have an Office

I recently had the privilege of sitting down with Douglas Fisher, Vice President and General Manager of Software and Services Group at Intel to interview him for my forthcoming book, The Suite Spot. Here is an abridged version of that conversation: On confidence: “I like the scene in the Tom Cruise NASCAR movie, Days of Thunder, where he is driving though a fire-filled tunnel. He learns to keep his pedal down and keep driving forward, because eventually the fire will pass and he’ll come out the other end a victor. This takes a certain kind of confidence and is relevant for working in the fast moving technology sector. For me, working in technology, if you wait for all the data to make a decision you [...]

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How to Manage Your Underwhelming Boss

Do you have a boss who leaves you starving for more…direction, feedback, inspiration, vision, and the list goes on and on? Research show that the greatest determinant of whether one stays or quits their job is the centered on the quality of their relationship with their boss. But I often see more muted scenarios where my clients certainly don’t hate their boss, actually they really respect them in many regards, but are quenched for more…direction, feedback, inspiration…..and there just does not appear to be as deep a well as they’d hoped there be from their superior(s).  So, what’s an aspiring high flyer such as yourself supposed to do when faced with a boss who isn’t terrible enough to make you want to leave your job, [...]

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10 Classic Indicators that It Might Be Time to Leave Your Job

 A cherished colleague of mine, Bruce Hazen, has recently completed a brilliant book, Answering The Three Career Questions: Your Lifetime Career Management System which I am honored to share an excerpt from today.  My kindred spirited friend Bruce and I both were professionally raised within the confines of the Cornell University community back in New York and both are recovering therapists turned management consultants now living in Portland.  I love the process that Bruce has developed over his career to aid in his client’s process of determining the answer to three crucial career questions:   When is it time to move up in work that you want to sustain? (Moving up means    progressing, not necessarily getting a “promotion”.) When is it time to move out [...]

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Key Takeaways from Impact Leadership 21 Global Summit: Closing the Leadership Gap

Last week, I had the privilege of attending the Impact Leadership 21 Global Summit and Awards Conference at the New York Times Building in Manhattan.  This event was created by Janet Salazar, CEO and Founder of IMPACT Leadership 21.  I have listed the roster of esteemed speakers below my key takeaways.  If you are curious who shared a specific concept, just ask me and I will direct you to them:  There is a substantial in congruence between men who WANT to empower women and their awareness as to HOW to empower women at their work place. Women need to tap into who these men are and communicate to them how and when they need empowerment.  Organizations are going to have to shift dramatically to engage [...]

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Meet me in NYC on October 10th? Here’s the juicy details….

    When I set out to write my first book over three years ago, I had no idea that the process of doing so would turn out to be one of the richest, life changing experiences I have ever experienced.  My original intent was to answer my own question of how to gracefully and valiantly navigate my mid life as a career driven new mom.  While I had some ideas of my own, I knew I had to turn to mentors, peers and colleagues to impart their wisdom for my readers and for own enrichment. One of those mentors is Janet Salazar.  Janet is CEO and Founder of Impact Leadership 21, holds a permanent seat at the United Nations and is working fervently every [...]

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My Interview with Amazon Executive Kelly Jo MacArthur

Happiest of summer days to you all.  There have been a whole lot of exciting developments with my business in the past few weeks. And, I cannot wait to share the updates with you all in a short while. In the meantime, I wanted to share with you some of my interview with Kelly Jo MacArthur, Intellectual Property Strategist at Amazon.com.  Take a read and let us know what you think. Enjoy! Katie: Kelly Jo, can you tell the readers about your particular philosophy for achieving success? Kelly Jo: My goal is to often get off the interstate and take the back roads in life. Even though I attended a large and renowned undergraduate school, went on to Harvard Law School and right into working [...]

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