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There can be a lot of mystery and false assumptions about the value that coaches offer to their clients. I myself have had both an under and overwhelming experience when employing coaches to help pull me through big growth spurts professionally and personally. The most underwhelming experience consisted of a full hour of a coach asking me, “What do you think, Katie?”.  Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate the fact that there is a time and a place in a true coaching setting for the client to uncover their own answers through the process of inquiry.  However, I find that when the majority of people who at least engage me as their coach and consultant, they are typically quenched for direct feedback and direction.

I also fully value the fact that my clients are oftentimes investing their hard won finances in order to reap the benefits that I have ensured that we will produce together.  For these two core reasons, I am ever dedicated to producing the ‘biggest bang for your bucks’, when men and women from all over the country engage me as their coach.

In an effort to lower the Wizard of Oz curtains from my particular coaching practice, I am sharing with you today the top five ways I set my clients up for success right out of the gates:


No matter how skilled we are in the art of observation and reflection, it is a near impossible task to truly evaluate ourselves effectively and thoroughly. Trust me, I can’t do it for myself and this is what I do for a living!  The #1 service I offer my clients after they give me a snapshot of what they are going through is my objective feedback on how their particular experience is both alike and unique to the experience of their peers.


I walk my clients through a variety of strategies that helps them ‘lift up’ from their tactical focus and realign their efforts and focus to ensure that as Roger L. Martin says, “they are defining where they are going to play and how they are going to win.”


I have always been a social animal (think: President of my High School Student Body).  Thanks to the power of online social networking, we are all able to not only reconnect but actually stay up to date on a daily, if not hourly basis with our former colleagues, elementary school friends, neighbors and the list goes on.  A unique benefit that I provide to my clients is connection with a vast array of hand-picked professionals whom I know from having moved around the country (and Europe) as a young person and a professional.  (These are some of the places I have lived: Carmel, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Wimbledon, La Jolla, Boston, San Francisco, Northampton, Manhattan and now Portland). I make connections for my clients when they are looking for mentors, advisers, clients, strategic partners, competitors, personal relationships and jobs.


Remember when I told you I want to provide, ‘the biggest bang for your bucks’?  How I do that is by ensuring that we are working on your game plan within our first session. Some folks just hire me for one session, others for a few months and some are on board for over a year. Fleshing out a game plan with S.M.A.R.T. goals that aligns with the strategies that we have clarified is mission critical.


The final piece of the puzzle in setting my clients up for brilliant success is seeing them execute their game plan in as short a time frame as possible.  I believe success is derived from confidence from smaller wins that allows us to take more emboldened, ‘riskier’ leaps to get us to our desired next level/job/playing field, etc.  My clients and I find ways to experiment with new practices and mind frames that shift us into more efficient, profitable and satisfying work and life experiences.


So, who is up for a little coaching? Let’s talk!