instaquote-_tempI have always been the type of person who lives in the ‘tomorrow’ (what’s next, how can I position myself for my next best thing…) versus the ‘yesterday’ (coulda, woulda, shoulda mentality). As a result, I started thinking this weekend about where I have netted out so far with my 2014 resolutions, goals, dreams (or whatever you call your aspirations for business and life beyond the office) and I thought it would be helpful to collectively evaluate where we all stand as we look ahead to the remaining half of 2014 over the next month or so. Care to join me?

Just like any diet, or desire for a shift in our inputs and outputs throughout our lives—the best way to really make a calculated impact, is by taking the time to evaluate and determine what’s working, what’s not working and understanding what we need to shift so that we end 2014 with a bang. So, I put together a quick 10 question survey, asking all of us to answer these questions:
1. Are you tracking to achieve your 2014 goals?
2. If you have an unfulfilled 2014 New Year’s resolution that you wish you had stuck with–what is it?
3. What are you most proud of achieving so far this year?
4. What three goals of yours are most important to accomplish by year’s end?
5. What do you need to prioritize to accomplish these goals?
6. What might prevent you from achieving your year-end goals?
7. What are you doing differently this year that is helping you be even more successful than last year?
8. Who or what has had the greatest positive impact on achieving your goals?
9. What limiting belief is holding you back from achieving what you want?
10. True success is…..

Do these questions resonate with you? If so, take 15 minutes and complete them in our survey: Katie Kelley Networks Mid Year Review Survey. Then, if you are in Portland, join us at our June 4th Katie Kelley Networks Mid Year Soiree where Katie will be unveiling the overall results of the survey OR sign up to listen in to our online class: Katie Kelley Networks Mid Year Review Online Class on June 10th! All participants in these events, will be part of our KKN Consultation Raffle that will be announced on June 10th. So, who is in? Oh yes, and one more thing, I am offering a free of charge, 30 minute group coaching call every Tuesday at Noon PT to support you every step of the way. Join us tomorrow: #SuiteSpot Coaching Call, Noon PT.

Let’s do this!